Green Drinks

I have been making green drinks almost daily since 2008.  I really believe in them, and think they are probably the easiest and tastiest way to put essential greens into your diet.  There are about one million ways to make a green drink, but I keep coming back to this simple recipe.

* 1-2 cups of water

* Spinach lightly packed to the top of the blender (you can also add a mix of spinach and another green like chard, kale, beet greens, etc.)

* 0-2 packets Truvia (a natural sweetener, I don’t believe in artificial sweeteners, but if this freaks you out, add a “spoonful of sugar” or honey, or just more Orange Juice). I make these a bit sweet so my kids will drink them.

* 1/6 of a can of Orange Juice Concentrate (I like the kind with Calcium)

* Blend until it looks creamy green.

* Add 1-3 cups of frozen fruit. The more you add the thicker and colder it will be, kind of like a shake. (I would add a lot if you are just starting to introduce this to your kids. You want them to really like the taste. Later, you can add less fruit and more greens as the family gets use to the taste. We like blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, grapes, etc.).

Blend and enjoy!  You can also sneak in a few things that you find hard to add to your diet that can easily be covered up by the green drink’s flavor.  For example, I often put in ground flaxseed. You will find that green drinks can be quite tasty and a real pick me up.  Be sure to wash your blender out quickly as well as the cup & straw.  It is a real pain to wash out later.

Green Drinks are the best way I know to “help the medicine go down.”


3 Responses to “Green Drinks”

  1. Love these! Is that a Blend-Tec blender you’re using there? That is on my wish list so I was just wondering 😉

  2. Yes Rach it is. But I had to break my cheap blender first 😉 They work…just not as smooth.


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