Get Rid of House Ants with Borax

My Mom told me about sprinkling Borax to get rid of ants long ago, but I didn’t listen.  I thought the pest control man would know better.  When he didn’t and when the ant traps didn’t work, and when they were in my pantry (!!), and when my neighbor also suggested Borax, I decided to try it.  Simple! Just sprinkle it wherever you see ants and you won’t see them again.

I am reminded of this trick because I had to use it again today in our garage when my 4-year-old left food on the floor.  There were ants everywhere.  Rather than squash them, I sprinkled the Borax and walked away.  They were all gone in just a few hours.  My understanding is that the ants take it back to their nest and it dehydrates and kills all of them. I don’t really care how it works, it just does and I am happy! Borax is found in the laundry aisle and is much cheaper than ant traps, and less dangerous if ingested by a small child (I know because my neighbor’s baby ate some and she had to call poison control).  Not that I would suggest it as a snack, but compared to other poisons, it is natural and relatively safe.


10 Comments to “Get Rid of House Ants with Borax”

  1. How apropos! I see an ant on my ceiling right now!! (not kidding)


  2. Have you tried the Borax yet Steph? I truly am dedicating this post to you 🙂

  3. My parents lived off this stuff (you know what i mean)! I remember this stuff lined up on the crevices of the floor/cabinets. This stuff keeps away roaches too. I can attest to the credibility of Borax!! 🙂

  4. Hey! I have Borax and I have ants. This is great! I didn’t know what to do with my remaining Borax so now it has a purpose.

  5. Ha! I love your blog, I can totally hear you saying it!

  6. This is Mom. The Borax method wasn’t originally for ants, it was for cockroaches. When we would move to a new house I would sprinkle some at the back of cabinets under the sinks “just-in-case” before we ever unpacked a box. Cockroaches love damp places and you really don’t know if they have lived there before, or not. It makes sense that it would work for ants too. I’m glad you tried it and that it has been so successful. Oh, I used boric acid which is made out of the same thing as Borax. (You know, now that I think about it, many times when there were neighborhood ant infestations I wondered why I didn’t have a problem.) By the way sweetheart, I am loving your blog.

    • Hi Mom,
      I started to use Borax based on remembering it worked for cockroaches and my friend suggesting it in the same complex I lived in who had experienced the same ant problem. So glad you are commenting on my blog! Love you!

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