The Spoonful of Sugar Mom

Silver 11x14 family
Mary Poppins’ technique of adding just a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down inspires me.  Granted, she was magic, but she had so much fun with those kids. She gave them her time, adventures, and yummy food (even their medicine).

After leaving the profession of process and strategy consulting and becoming a full-time Mom in 2004, I realized that I was still developing skills and learning new things within the walls of my home.  And with my new ‘Mommy Brain’ (my inability to remember simple words, sometimes even my own name, since becoming a Mom), I needed a place to record what I was learning for myself and for my kids.

Seeing as I called my daughter’s backpack a ‘garage’ today, I’m glad I’m writing this stuff down.


2 Comments to “The Spoonful of Sugar Mom”

  1. You have really done a nice job on this. I have to tell you Lyla gives us a lecture on what is healthy food and what is not every Sunday in Sunbeams. She is quite the expert and now I know why!! Eileen C.

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