The Law of the Harvest

I learned early on that if you “harvest” food with your children, they are much more likely to eat and enjoy that food.  “Harvest” can mean having your child garden with you, go to U-pick farms with you, pick out the food at the grocery store with you, or cook with you.  I have seen this principle work time and time again with my children.  For example, today I made Sushi with my 4-year-old daughter.  I was using canned wild salmon.  She looked at it and said, “Oh, is that tuna? Can I have some?”  Now first of all, she does not even like tuna.  So I said, “Here try some.”  She liked it, so I decided to tell her it was salmon and she said, “Oh, I LOVE salmon!”  She kept eating it out of the can.  I couldn’t believe it.  I know this was all because she was “harvesting” the food with me.

I knew this principle worked on children, but I did not realize it worked on adults as well.  We recently went to a nearby U-pick farm to pick blueberries.  I like to eat frozen blueberries every day in my smoothie, but I do not like them raw.  I was encouraged by the owners to eat what I wanted while picking.  I hesitantly tried one, just to make sure I was picking them at the right color, and it was really good.  I couldn’t believe it, I ate more and more.  I was sure to tell the farmer how his blueberries had converted me.  The law of the harvest worked on me (as well as the law of how much better fresh produce tastes).



2 Comments to “The Law of the Harvest”

  1. Hey sissy, love your blog.

    I had a similar experience with your nephew. He helped me season the meat we were making for dinner. When it was time to eat, he ate the whole piece while his brothers just picked at theirs. He informed them that they should eat more because, “Some people worked really hard to make that.” I love it!

    Later on that same visit, we made popcorn together. I used an air popper and we sang popcorn popping while it was warming up. For sweetness, we lightly drizzled honey on it while it was warm, and tossed it. It was a huge hit. I’m a big fan of getting kids involved and I think I picked that up from you. 🙂

    • That is such a great story. Which nephew was it? I don’t think I can take the credit for your love of getting kids involved with cooking. It was you, Aunt Kafa-Lou, who packed all the ingredients for strawberry freezer jam when visiting for Thanksgiving so you could make it with the girls.

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