The Simple Deviled Egg

When I was learning how to make deviled eggs, I was overwhelmed by the long list of ingredients and crazy amounts of mayonnaise.   That was until I attended a party and had my friend Sarah’s deviled eggs.  They were perfect.  I asked her how she made them.  It was so simple, I’ve never changed recipes and I can always remember it. They are a cost effective snack/side, and using much less mayonnaise than typical recipes do keeps them quite healthy.

Boil as many eggs as you like, peel and slice in half, put yolks in a bowl and add:

* 1 T of mayonnaise or so, start with a little (and work your way up)

* salt to taste

* A little squirt of mustard if you like

Mix to desired texture, add back into the sliced egg white, and sprinkle with paprika. Sometimes I like to add a slice of my favorite type of pickle in the bottom of the egg white before adding the egg yolk mixture.  It adds a nice surprise as well as flavor and crunch.

An interesting idea for those of you who like to avoid egg yolks is to stuff the egg white with hummus instead of the yolk mixture.


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