Simple Sushi

I have been taught how to make sushi not once, but twice in my life, both times by friends who just happened to be half Japanese.  They tried to teach me how to make it look as beautiful as their Sushi, but mine just doesn’t.  Kamiko and Erika, I apologize from the bottom of my empty Sushi plate.  I love making Sushi, I make it all the time.  It isn’t pretty, but it is still yummy.  Let me tell you about the latest roll I have been making.  Since I no longer live within walking distance to a Tokyo Fish Market and can no longer buy sushi-grade raw fish, AND since it is hard for me to plan ahead and have cooked fish ready, I came up with another idea that actually tastes great.  That’s right, I use wild canned salmon.

You will need the following:

 * A sushi mat to roll your sushi (go to YouTube if you have never done this before; I shouldn’t teach you, it would be a gross imitation of a true art form)

* Nori (the seaweed around your sushi roll, you can order this at if you can’t find it at the store)

* White rice (if you can get packaging with Japanese writing, that will be your best choice)

* Avocados sliced lengthwise

* Cucumbers sliced lengthwise

* Cream cheese (easier to cut slices from a bar lengthwise, but this time I only had whipped and it worked just fine)

* Canned salmon, make sure it says ‘wild’

* Bowl with water to wet your fingers in to both wash them off when pressing down rice, and to wet the bottom of the nori when you roll it up to help seal the roll


2 Comments to “Simple Sushi”

  1. Every Japanese must say it looks so yummy! I think boild shrimp or crub meat makes good harmony with this sushi. Please try! Kyoichi from Kyoto, Japan

    • Hello Kyoichi! It is so nice to hear from you. I will try those things. I just learned that my kids really like shrimp, so I think I’ll start with the boiled shrimp. Please tell the family we say hello! We miss you guys 🙂

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