Peanut Sauce Salad

I have fixed this many, many times and love it. It makes a lot, so sometimes I halve the sauce and noodles, but still add most of the cabbage. This a very easy way to eat buckwheat and lots of raw cabbage!

It is easiest to boil the water for the Soba Noodles as you make the sauce:

* ½ c Peanut Butter (I use “MaraNatha All Natural,” found in the health food section)
* ¼ c Olive Oil
* ¼ c Soy Sauce (or Bragg Liquid Aminos, also found in the health food section)
* ¼ c agave nectar (a healthier, natural, sweetener found in the baking aisle)
* 2 t rice vinegar
* 1 t garlic powder (you can add more if you like)
(As always, you can lessen the amount of peanut butter and olive oil to lower the calories.)

* Add 1 package of cooked & drained soba noodles (an awesome Japanese buckwheat noodle found in the health food section)  These cook pretty fast, about 3-4 minutes.
* Add 1 package of precut coleslaw mix

Although this is quite good without meat, you can also add chicken. Other things you might want to add are peanuts or cashews, sprouts, green onions, or whatever sounds good to you.  The sauce is delicious, so anything you add will most likely be great!  This keeps really well in the refrigerator.

(The sauce comes from The Green Smoothie Girl’s 101 Healthy Lunch Ideas.)


2 Comments to “Peanut Sauce Salad”

  1. Ummm… peanut sauce? YES PLEASE! 🙂

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