Why Eat Raw?

To eat ‘raw’ means to eat food from nature that has not been heated (above 118 degrees) because heating food takes away a great deal of its vitamins, minerals, fiber, and live enzymes.  Live enzymes are particularly important because they aid in our body’s digestion, and if we do not consume them, they are leached from our body.

Some easy ways to eat more raw foods are to make green drinks, have lots of salads, eat fresh veggies & fruits, and prepare cold pasta salads with large amounts of fruits and vegetables.  I feel like a big trick to eating more vegetables is making sure you have yummy and healthy salad dressings and vegetable dips – they truly are the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.  (Check out my Salads & Dips section if you would like to see some of the recipes I use to eat more raw foods.)

Also, eating dehydrated food (not heated above 117 degrees), is an option.  Realistically, drying food requires the purchase of a dehydrator.  Instead of canning fruits and vegetables (heating them), try dehydrating them.  Also, you can dehydrate a one to one ratio of ground flaxseed and water, adding whatever you like to make it sweet or savory (such as honey and dried apricots, or cilantro and salt).  These are probably the most nutritious crackers I could dream up.

I suggest implementing more raw food into your diet gradually.  It can become too frustrating if you make it an all or nothing sort of thing.  A good place to start is with a goal to eat more raw vegatables and salads, and then follow this with learning to make green drinks.  You will feel so good that eating more raw foods will become something you actually crave.


3 Responses to “Why Eat Raw?”

  1. Love your blog! I am so looking forward to reading everything!

    I am curious about those crackers. I would love to hear more detailed instructions…!

    • About the crackers, I only made them once with my friend (who had made them many times) guiding me through it. It really is just 1:1 water and ground flaxseed, and then you choose the rest. So I did salt and cilantro in one batch, and honey and a pinch of salt in another batch. You do not need to add any oil because the flaxseed provides that. I liked the cilantro one the best because I used it to dip in hummus. She instructed me to taste it before I dehydrate it, because that is what it will taste like after dehydrated. I am sure there are recipes in ‘Raw’ cookbooks, but I have stuck with the good old ‘add & taste’ technique. This dehydrated healthy cracker worlds is new to me, so hopefully I’ll have some more information for you in the future! So good to hear from you Maile!


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