Sack Lunch Ideas: The Ever-Growing Slideshow

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I’m using my blog as a place to gather my ideas for planning my daughters’ lunches.  I’ve discovered these great bento boxes from (BPA free) and really like them.  The only downfall is that liquid leaks, so marinara sauce, veggie dip, yogurt, etc. would have to be in a separate dip container.  My plan is to continue to add on to this slide show throughout the school year.  If you have any ideas, I would really love to hear them.


10 Comments to “Sack Lunch Ideas: The Ever-Growing Slideshow”

  1. Great idea. Chloe only has “snack” time b/c she is only a half day, but I am always trying to ket at least a fruit/veggie in there. I like the tortelini and wrap ideas. Thanks!


  3. I love simple lunch ideas Tam. Thanks for sharing! And yay for putting up your blog…you are doing us all a great service by writing this for us all to enjoy. Merci!!

    Still plowing through those peaches…and admittedly not sharing with anyone but Gray 🙂

  4. Tam, what a great idea! I love the blog and I love the slideshow! can’t wait to try some of these recipes and lunch ideas!

  5. Holy Mama! Look at you! I love your lunch ideas, and mostly I love that Genevieve eats it!

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