Chef Salad & How to Mix a Salad

 I love Chef Salad, especially if there are hard boiled eggs in it! I learned a trick this week regarding salad in general.  I had a huge bowl of a dry garden salad that I made (dressing on the side) for an event.  A lot of it was left over.  I took it home, and it almost lasted the full week.  (Avoid iceberg, it is the least nutritious and browns the fastest.)  I would just get some of the salad out, slice some boiled eggs (I cook eggs every week to help out for those times that I need some protein, so they were already made), add a few cold cuts if you like, shredded cheese, break up a cracker for a crouton taste, and use some pre-made dressing.  Later on in the week I added sprouts and cucumbers left over from other meals.

I should note that I am not a fan of dressing off the shelf.  It has unhealthy additives in it to give it a long shelf-life.  I am a big fan of homemade dressings.  But on the other hand, I am not always prepared to make a homemade dressing.  I think your next best purchase to homemade dressing is the dressing sold in the produce section (meaning it is refrigerated).  Those have fewer additives because they have to stay cold to not spoil and have a shorter shelf-life.  I also really like this yogurt brand from Litehouse.  Only 60 calories for 2 T and it tastes pretty good, especially when I’m in a rush. Another quick trick is to pour a little bit of Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar on your salad.

I learned the best salad trick of all at a country club in Houston while still working as a consultant.  You put a little bit of dressing on the salad, and add more as needed.  Then you cut the heck out of that salad with a knife and fork crossing in opposite directions until it is mixed beautifully and in perfect bite size pieces.  That helps you use less dressing, and spreads the taste evenly so the salad just tastes wonderful.  Do this step right before serving to avoid wilting.


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