Make a Used Binder Pretty

Binders are expensive and every year your kids need at least a few for school.  Also, I like to use binders and plastic sleeves to hold some of their artwork that I just can’t throw away.  Now I am not crafty in any way.  I appreciate the talent, but I just don’t have it.  That is why I was so shocked that it looked so darn good when all I did was put scrapbooking paper down the sleeves of a binder.  This binder looked old; it was all marked up.  But with some scrapbooking paper cut to size (not even in a straight line, because I don’t own a paper cutter), it looks almost stylish.


4 Comments to “Make a Used Binder Pretty”

  1. I love you Tam! Your blog looks AWESOME! You’re amazing!!!!!

  2. Great Idea!! since i rarely scrapbook anymore, i can use all my scrapbook paper for this! Thanks T!

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