Edible Kiwi Skin

Did you know that the skins on kiwi fruit are edible? I had no idea eating the kiwi with its skin is actually common practice in places like New Zealand until my friend Janelle offered me one.  As I looked at the hairy skin, I took it as a dare.  “All right, I’ll do it!” I said.  I ate it quickly at first, and then slowed down as I realized this was really quite good.  I imagined how much time I would save in the future and how much more of the fruit I would eat (since I am not so hot at peeling kiwi, and by the time I am done, there is only about half of the original fruit left). I decided to do some research and learned that kiwi skin contains high levels of flavonoids, insoluble fiber, and antioxidants.  On the other hand, the skin holds most of the pesticides (if they have been used) and pollution (if grown in areas with a lot of traffic). So basically, you can only eat the skins of organic kiwi.  So next time you see an organic kiwi, why not try eating it with the skin?  Go ahead, I dare ya!


2 Comments to “Edible Kiwi Skin”

  1. How cool! I never knew that…

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