Pistachios – How to Open Them

If you are a pistachio lover like me, you are well aware that you lose around 15% of your precious and expensive pistachios because some of the shells are too tightly closed to pry open with your fingers.  I have broken many nails trying to get at that magnificent meaty nut, but I eventually give up and throw the ‘unopenables’ away.  This was my sad reality until I learned that you can use another pistachio shell to help pry them open.   It takes a little practice, but you basically hold the bottom of the shell you are trying to open, and use the bottom lip of another pistachio to push up on the top lip of the one you are trying to open. It works pretty well, but I think you need a nut cracker for the shells that have a small opening on the side rather than the front; this trick will not help with shells as stubborn as those. That said, I am still very excited about this trick and think it is worth knowing, if only to salvage a few more pistachios out of the batch.


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