Monster Mouth

Genevieve made this yummy, edible, and healthy Halloween craft in her first grade class.  She wanted to make it again the following week and requested I put it in my blog, so here it is:

1) Put a bit of yogurt on a plate and use the bottom of a spoon to swirl it down flat.

2) Cut an apple and use two slices to shape a mouth.  She likes green because then it really looks like a monster.

3) Place white yogurt covered raisins to look like the monster’s teeth.

You can give it one or two layers of teeth.  I think Genevieve just likes to get as many yogurt raisins as she can. Another variation it to use peanut butter, with mini marshmallows as the teeth.  No matter how the outcome looks, kids really love it.  And it makes a pretty perfect after school snack.


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