14 Traditions for Valentine’s Day

IMG_4762I think cupid shot me with an arrow because I am all about Valentine’s Day.  I don’t know what it is, I just think it is the greatest holiday.  What’s not to love about love?  Last year, I experimented with all sorts of ideas to see what sort of traditions I wanted to start doing and keep doing with my family.  These are the things I will do again this year:

1)      Celebrate Feb 1 – Feb 14:  It is more fun, yummier, and provides more memories to celebrate the holiday for the first half of February.

2)      Get Individual Mail Boxes for Your Family Members: Bring these out no earlier than February 1st.  Your kids just won’t be able to resist them once they are out.

3)      Provide Stationary for Valentines: This can be as simple as cutting out square pieces of paper to as fancy as providing colored envelopes, stickers, and doilies. This really increases your chances of getting a sweet note–and then come the water works.

4)      Make Daily Valentines For Your Family Members Before February: I did this for the first time last year and my kid’s really looked forward to them every day.  They were REALLY cheesy and I loved it! They had some sort of candy or knick-knack as a sort of play-on-words.  For example, “You’re a Star!” (and leave 1 or 2 Starbursts).  My husband did not necessarily need the Valentine note, but he did like a little daily treat.  I would suggest doing this before February and hiding them in a shoebox some place.  It becomes more of a stress than something enjoyable if you have to think them up every day.

5)      Enjoy Some Family Dates & Activities: One day we picked up small Slurpee’s and some Kid movies from Redbox and had a movie night.  Another day I took my girl to a sing-along version of the movie Frozen. Other ideas are to have a dance party at home, or play “Cupid Says” instead of “Simon Says.”

6)      Buy or Make Valentine’s for Classmates & Teachers:  This is my number one memory of Valentine’s Day.

7)      Make and Send Valentines to Extended Family:  You can’t forget Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Aunties, and Uncles.  This is also something you need to do earlier in the month to make sure they get in the mail on time.

8)      Make Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies:  This is just a must.  We decorated these with friends and also gave some to neighbors.  It’s a fun way to share the love.

9)      Make a Valentine Craft to Display Throughout the Years: This does not need to happen every year but is something I want to do because I will enjoy placing them on my mantel as decoration.

10)   Have a Special Valentine-Making Family Night:  My 9-year-old daughter organized this and it turned out to be very special.  She gathered all the card making supplies, and wrote everyone’s name and put them in a bowl.  We each choose a name, and spent our time making just one Valentine for that person.  She was so cute; she even gave us examples of sweet things we could write in the cards.  She would not let us read them until Valentine’s Day.  It made the morning of Valentine’s Day that much more special.

11)   Have Heart Shaped Red Themed Food on Valentine’s Day: We had a creamy tomato basil soup that was delicious, but I think I’ll probably make different things through the years for our Valentine’s meal.  But our drink and dessert will probably always be #12 and #13.

12)   Make Shirley Temples: This drink is a crowd pleaser.  It is fancy and red the kids can help make it.  You basically just fill your cup with ice, sprite or ginger ale, a few maraschino cherries, and 1 teaspoon or so of grenadine syrup.

13)   Make Chocolate Fondue: We had this for dessert on Valentine’s day and it went over well.  I am still on a hunt to find the right recipe, but it is hard to not enjoy any form of melted chocolate.  Our favorite thing to dip was cream puffs and strawberries.

14)   Do Something Special for your Spouse: Now what exactly you do is up to you.  But definitely take time to celebrate each other.


One Comment to “14 Traditions for Valentine’s Day”

  1. What a sweet post! You have a lot of fun ideas.

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