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December 11, 2013

My Daughter’s Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe

IMG_4336I really don’t think an adult could come up with this concoction; I actually thought my daughter was crazy at first.  I thought that peppermint candy cane and cinnamon Red Hots belong in separate categories, and never the two shall meet.  But I was wrong.  Together they produce the taste of Christmas in your mouth, and I dare you to try it.

1 serving of your favorite mint cocoa, prepared*
1 t crushed peppermint candy cane
5-10 Red Hots
1 dollop whip cream
Mix and enjoy.

* We like Stephen’s Candycane Cocoa and in second place comes Stephen’s Chocolate Mint Truffle.

December 22, 2011

Dip Just About Anything in Chocolate

My family lives thousands of miles apart, so when we get together we really like to live it up.  Whenever we manage to see each other for Thanksgiving, we carry on through the weekend celebrating Christmas as well.  My sister thought up a fun activity for all the grandkids this year–making their own stocking candy.  They did this by dipping all sorts of things (pretzels, cookies, dried fruit, etc.) in chocolate.  Okay, when I say chocolate, I really mean almond bark (white and milk chocolate) and Wilton Candy Melts (the peppermint flavor).  You use these instead of real chocolate because it melts more easily and at a lower temperature, so there is little chance of burning little fingers. It was fun for the kids, they really can’t mess it up, and they loved adding toppings to their dipped treats.

I made some holiday treats this past week for teachers and friends.  My favorite thing we dipped over Thanksgiving was Oreos in peppermint candy melts so I had to retry that.  You can find the almond bark in the baking aisle of most grocery stores (it looks like small bricks of chocolate).  However, to find the more unique dipping flavors, you go to craft stores.  I found the Wilton Candy Melts at Jo-Anns Fabrics, but you can also look at Michaels in either the cake decorating or wedding aisle.  You melt them in the microwave as stated in the directions.  If you can’t figure out how to put your microwave at 50% power, just melt for less time and stir and continue this until melted and smooth.  I found that my favorite way to dip the Oreo was completely on the bottom and only half way on the top.  I then sprinkled it with crushed peppermint candy cane.  It was heaven!

You will want some parchment or wax paper to place the dipped goods on so they can be easily peeled off after drying.  Oh, and another tip I learned is when you’re finished, wash the bowl immediately or the chocolate will re-harden.  I had to put my bowl back in the microwave to re-melt it so I could wash out the bowl.

This is my first experience with dipping things in chocolate, but I know I’ll continue doing it.   It is economical, fun, you can be creative, and you can include the kids.  Next year, in addition to the Oreos (because let’s be honest, I think I’m already craving them again), I am going to dip long thick pretzels in milk and dark chocolate and also sprinkle them with crushed peppermint candy cane.  I think I see a pattern in what I like, what about you?