Family Activities

For all of you parents who have girls, you might want to try painting nails together every once in a while. I’m not saying all the time, every month or so. They get a real high from it, and it is essentially a free activity. I just have a few tips:

Tip 1: Use a clear coat of nail polish underneath the nail
to help protect the nail, and a clear coat on top to keep the polish on longer.

Tip 2: Start off with lighter colors. Darker colors, if left on too long
and used often can actually turn the nail a yellow color. So until you have an established habit of taking the nail polish off in a week or so, I would keep to the lighter colors. Lighter colors are less stress, because you will be just fine if you never get around to taking off the nail polish with remover.

Tip 3: Let them paint their own nails. They can start off by just
painting their nails with the clear nail polish, and then move on to doing
everything themselves. Just make sure you have something under them protecting the surface that you don’t mind getting polish on. It will not look cute, to say the least. But it is good for them in so many ways (coordination, proud of self for accomplishing something new, independence, etc.).


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