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January 21, 2012

“Mom, can you take these Legos apart for me?”

My daughters have been given a Lego set two Christmas’ in a row.  They love Legos, and I have to admit they are pretty awesome.  However, secretly they are a bit of a pain.  If I am not accidentally stepping on one, vacuuming one up, or helping my child find a specific piece that is probably lost, I am being asked “Mom, can you help me take these apart?”  You know what I’m talking about – those two pieces stuck together by what seems like super glue.  I have tried using my nails, my teeth, and my brute strength, all producing mediocre results.  That is until my husband thought up a fabulous idea requiring a cutting board and a knife.  Place the cemented Legos on their side.  Gently ease the point of one of your least favorite knives into the space between both Legos and they will pop apart every time.

So next time your child asks, “Mom, can you take these Legos apart for me?”  You can say, “Bring it on!”