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February 13, 2013

Love Note Journals

This morning my friend and her older daughter (in the “tweens”) noticed the love note journals I have with my two daughters.  I explained we just write each other notes back and forth.  YesThe daughter said, “That’s cool!” And her Mom replied with, “Should we start to do that?”  That’s when I realized this idea might be worth sharing.  I’ve been doing this with my girls for a few years now, and this is what you do:

* Buy a hard-bound spiral notebook.  Our first journal was flimsy and didn’t last very long.

* Every few days, weeks, months or whenever, write your child a note.  It helps to end your note with a question.  Be sure to date your note because it is fun to look back on.

* Place the journal open to the latest entry in a place your child will find it.  Make sure there is a pen nearby.  I find that I usually think to write a note late at night before I go to bed and leave it waiting on the breakfast table.

Enjoy the sweet notes from your babies.  It really is the simple things in life.