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December 5, 2013

Apricot Pecan Oat Bran

I came up with this recipe completely by accident.  I bought some unsweetened canned apricots for my baby that he did not care for.  Somehow, the opened can in the fridge inspired this breakfast recipe that I have now made 3 times.  It is good hot, cold, and even a few days old. My husband likes it when I send this for his breakfast at work.  I really feel that apricots and pecans were meant to be together; I’m just happy to be a part of uniting them into this romance of deliciousness.  (To learn more about the health benefits of Oat Bran, check out my post here.)

To Cook the Oat Bran:

1 can unsweetened apricot halves
¾ – 1 cup oat bran (depending if you like it soupy or firm)

Blend one can of apricots in your blender until smooth, pour in a microwave safe dish. Mix in the oat bran. Cook for 2 to 2 ½ minutes. Let it sit until it the pecans are ready to be mixed in.

To Make the Candied Pecans:photo

1 T butter
¾ cup chopped pecans
2 T brown sugar
1 T maple syrup

While the oat bran is cooking, get out a small non-stick skillet and heat to medium-high.  Warm the butter and the pecans until the nuts are coated.  Sprinkle on the brown sugar and maple syrup.  Mix until the liquid dissipates a bit.  You do not have to stir them all the time, but you do need to watch, because they can go from yummy to burned in just seconds. When they start to look coated and candied, pour them directly onto the cooked apricot oat bran.  Stir and enjoy.  If you will not be finishing this in one meal, you may want to store the pecans separately.  To do this, spread pecans on tin foil and cool. Then, store them in a container and you can sprinkle them on the oat bran before eating.  Separate storage will help keep them crunchy.


September 28, 2011

Oat Bran & Yogurt – So Happy Together

We have all heard of oatmeal and steel cut oats, but how many of you have tried oat bran?  It is actually my favorite hot cereal.  Oat bran is the outermost layer of the whole oat kernel.  It is a whole food containing protein, healthy fat, minerals, vitamins, and soluble fiber.  Fiber promotes weight loss by helping you feel full longer, stabilizing blood sugar, and facilitating healthy digestion.  A neat fact about oat bran is that in 1997 it was the first food the FDA registered as a cholesterol-reducing food.  This is due to its ability to bind to blood cholesterol and flush it from the body.  Oat bran can be eaten raw (e.g. in place of breadcrumbs, in granola, etc.), or cooked.

My favorite way to eat oat bran is for breakfast.  It is super easy to make in the microwave.  I actually do not follow the directions of how much water to oat bran because I think it makes it too soupy.  I’ve gotten to the point that I just eyeball the water and oat bran I put in.  But I would follow the directions for the first time, and maybe add more oat bran if you like it thicker.  I put the water and oat bran in a Pyrex dish, cover but do not seal, cook for 3 minutes, and let it sit for 2 minutes.  Sometimes I do this first thing in the morning.  It is sitting in the microwave at just the right temperature when I get it out.  My favorite way to eat it is with yogurt, especially lemon yogurt.  I just love it!  Also, I add any fresh fruit I have on hand.  Another great thing to add would be some nuts, but I think that would be pushing my luck with my kids.  I say we average this breakfast about two to three days a week, and I feel like it gets the girls that much better prepared for a morning of school and preschool.

(A quick word about yogurt:  So much of it is junk that contains WAY too much sugar.  A good goal is to make sure that it has less than 19 grams of sugar, which is still pretty high, but most brands contain 25+ grams of sugar.  One teaspoon of sugar is equal to four grams of sugar, so really watch out on so called ‘healthy’ yogurt; always check how much sugar it has because some brands might as well be ice cream.  I split one container between the girls.  Some experts suggest buying plain yogurt and mixing it with fruit.  I keep trying to like this, but I just can’t.  It really does lack that spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.  You may also want to try looking at Greek yogurt.  The sugar is typically lower and the protein is higher.  I usually go to the health food section of the store and purchase whichever brand is on sale.  It can be kind of expensive, which is another reason why we split the yogurt between us.)